Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has become a trend nowadays. They do not only help website owners optimize their webpage but it also helps increase their online presence. But ever wonder how SEO works? Below is your basic guide about SEO to help you understand how it works. 

What is Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is a way of increasing the traffic of your website through search engine results. It can also be a marketing strategy to attract potential clients and customers. One of its main purposes is optimizing your website to increase online presence.

Businessmen often benefit more from SEO especially if they want to promote their business. There was even a study that said 80 percent of customers use search engines to find products and services online. This only means that businessmen have a bigger opportunity to grow their businesses on the internet.

Components of SEO

To have a clearer understanding of what really SEO is, it is best to break down the parts of it.

  • Traffic

This pertains to both the quality and quantity of traffic that you should have in your content. Yes, you may attract a lot of visitors on your website but having bad quality traffic, it will not make any sense. For example, a visitor went into your site because Google directed them that you are selling boats but in reality, you are just selling boat shoes. That is one type of bad quality of traffic. Your site should be reliable so that you can easily attract more visitors to come to your page.

When it comes to the quantity of traffic, your content should be informative and direct so that many users will come and engage in your business. Once you have established the people to visit your site, then more traffic is created.

  • Organic Results

These are web page listings that match a user’s search based on the relevancy of the topic. This is also often called as natural search results. Since your site is shown in the organic results, then it creates organic traffic on your site.

The Basics of Search Engine

Search engines are the modern-day answering machines. It scrutinizes every piece of content and evaluates it at the same time. It then determines which of those billion contents are most likely relevant to a user’s query.

If you want your site to show up on the search results, you need to have content that is visible enough to search engines. It is actually the most important component of SEO. If your site is not visible enough to entice users, then it will never show up in the search engine results.

Search engines have 3 primary functions. For you to have a better understanding, it is best that you know its functions.

  • Crawling

Crawling is actually a process of discovering wherein search engines create a team known as crawlers. Its job is to find new and updated contents every day. The content may depend on its format, it could be a webpage, image, video, etc. But it does not matter what type of format because the content is traced by links.

  • Indexing

Indexing is the process of collecting, analyzing, and storing data for use by the search engine. It is also a location to store all the data that the search engine has gathered. This is an important aspect of SEO because it provides convenience for every search. For example, you are searching for the best coffee shops in Perth, the search engine index will be the one to provide the results of your inquiry. Imagine if there is no search engine index, it would take a lot of time and effort for you every time you search for something on the web.

The job of the search engine is to search every available web page or data that a particular keyword that was used in the query. It also sees every information so that it won’t miss out on anything in a particular keyword.

  • Ranking

The job of the search engine is to provide the relevant information to you based on your inquiry. Basically, it simplifies the job of finding the relevant site for you. It then gives you the search results that you can choose and this is where ranking comes in the picture. Search engine ranks the search results based on its relevancy. The higher that your website is ranked, the more relevant the search engine believes that your website is the one for the inquiry.


Search engine optimization is all about content. Those contents are what help a website owner gain more search visibility and online presence. Contents can be in various manner and formats. It can be in a form or a text, blog, product, or even video. Content creators are getting more creative nowadays with their content to gain online presence in major search engines.

Content is what drives people to search for something on the internet. It doesn’t matter what they are searching for that particular moment, it is the very content that makes them want to read it. The key to greater chances of earning high online presence is by posting more reliable contents.

Also, content is what makes search engines use to decide how to rank a page. These search engines then based it on the relevance and the search queries of a person.

The Relevance of Keyword Research

Over the years, the relevance of keywords has been slowly declining. In fact, keywords are no longer needed to be in the title tag or heading tags of your content. Some content creators would think that keywords would rank their content in the top five searches on engine results pages. Even using the exact keyword phrases is not necessary to put within the text of your web page.

However, with that being said, the keyword is still important. The only difference is that it is used nowadays in a different approach. What is important is that different meanings of words and the popularity of each meaning must be considered.

If you want your site to thrive, you must first know what your audience wants. You must know what strategic keywords to put in your content so that it can entice users and search engines. The key to keyword research is in understanding your target market. It is also important to know what they want in content or product.

Determining the Right Keywords

At this point, you have already in your mind what particular keywords you want to rank. These keywords can be your products or service that your website wants to address. One powerful tool that you can use when you want to know more about proper keywords is using a keyword research tool. This tool helps you discover more relevant keywords. It will also suggest an average monthly keyword search volume.

Once you have figured out the seed keywords or foundation keywords that you want to enter into your keyword research tool, you will find out more keywords that you have probably missed out. For example, you are running a flower shop business. You will likely type the flower shop or flower delivery as your keywords. But once you used a keyword research tool, you will likely discover more keywords that relevant to you.

Optimizing Your Website

When it comes to optimizing your website, one thing that you should remember is that your webpage is not just a site to showcase what you have. If you have a business, it is actually a strong marketing mechanism for you to attract paying leads. 

Like any other businessmen, the first thing that you need to do is optimizing your website. If you want to be searched locally, boost your website.

For example, if you have a flower delivery shop, just combine the product and keyword. Make sure that you incorporate your keyword and location in your title and meta description. Then insert it moderately in your content but do not overdo it because that will lower your rankings. This technique is helpful because it allows search engine sites like Google to show your business in SERP.

Expanding Your SEO Efforts

  • Local Exposure

Nothing beats being exposed locally as this will attract more viewers. There are a lot of local online resources that you can try websites like Craigslist and Yelp that will help you promote your products or services.

  • Link Building

 One of the important aspects of using SEO is that it can potentially create mutual cooperation between two people. It can have a link building by promoting each others business through product reviews and sharing ideas.

It can help them both meet potential customers or clients so that their business will grow together. Creating links and connecting with other websites can do a lot of wonder to your business.

You must establish a good rapport with other local business to boost your ranking in SERP. 

  • Social Media

Social media can boost your visibility online by engaging your customers or clients on your platforms. For example, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help promote your platform. Positive reviews from your clients posted on your social media help other clients to have an overview of your product or service. They will also know what other stuff you can offer to them. 

On-Site SEO 

On-site SEO or also known as on-page SEO is the method of optimizing elements on a webpage. Its primary purpose is to gain higher ranking from other websites and create traffic from search engines. Basically, it aims to optimize your content and HTML source code.

However, more than anything else, the primary goal of on-site SEO is to make it easier for search engines and users to discern what a webpage is all about. It also helps recognize that a particular page is relevant to a person’s search queries.

Off-site SEO

This is another type of optimizing your website to increase your influence in the search engine results pages. This method can be done by other reliable sources on the internet like pages or other sites by promoting your website. Those pages or sites then link your website and promote the reliability and quality of your content.

Off-site SEO is important because, in the SEO community, the relevance and reliability of your content will affect greatly your ranking in SERP. The more sites are vouching about your website, the more that it will create traffic.

Important SEO Tips to Remember 

  • Optimize your URL, Title Tags, Meta Description, and Content.

Your content must have relevant keywords so that your search ranking will increase. Every content that you write is an opportunity for you to increase your rank in the SERPs. However, do not overdo your keywords as this might affect your ranking.

Your content is one of the important features of your local SEO. It is essential that you include links, keywords, or title tags to compete with other websites.

  • Create content for users

Gone are the days that content creators only write for search engines. Make sure that your content is reader-friendly. Choose topics that are interesting and updated. While writing general topics may interest a large crowd, but focusing on specific topics will actually attract more local readers.

Your content must also have a local focus depending on the industry that you are in. You have to remember that long content doesn’t mean it’s good. Sometimes, having a direct and informative content will work better and produce more results.

Do not write a Wikipedia-type of content as this is the worst form of content. Those type of content are usually lacking and has a thin value. It may also not please your readers.

  • Take away anything that is making your website slow down.

The speed of a page is very important for users to stay on your page and read your content. The more that your page loads slower, the more you are going to lose readers. It will only decrease your chances of creating quantity and quality traffic on your site.