Lead Generation

So, what exactly is Lead Generation Marketing?

A potential customer in your target audience who is interested in purchasing the product or service you offer is referred to as a “lead” in the digital marketing world. Now, to capture this lead – meaning you make them take the first step in your sales cycle – marketing agencies see value in employing different marketing tactics otherwise known as lead generation marketing.

Ok, let’s break it down a little more. To put it simply, leads are potential customers who are interested in your products and services. To capture these leads, we leverage many marketing tactics that will make the user sign up for something online by completing a form, contacting the business directly, or even walking into the store.

Why lead generation marketing is a good idea

If your business is not doing this now, you have been missing out on a big chunk of revenue. Well, it’s simple. All businesses need customers to grow. And to get those customers, they need to market to potential customers first and gain their attention. This is where lead generation marketing comes into play.

These leads can then be passed on to the sales team to convert them into buying customers. This generally involves adding them to an email list for further nurturing.  And with advancing technologies, business intelligence software can even track your product demand and customer trends from the lead generation marketing data.

How to capture a lead

Gone are the days when your customers would see your ad in the local newspaper and call you with inquiries about a particular product. The expansion of technology and advertising platforms has allowed customers to shift from traditional media outlets like newspapers and television to social media and digital websites.

This has given rise to various advertising and marketing platforms online. From selling on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to local online stores with delivery options on Shopify. It sure is a marketer’s dream with so many options to choose from – for lead generation marketing of all sorts.

Below are some lead capturing tactics we can help you scale your business with:

1. Capture leads through website forms – We can place a simple form on your website pages and ask interested people to complete it in exchange for valuable content like an eBook, checklist, how-to video or a simple newsletter. The big idea here is to blend the lead capture form with the design of your website.

Pro tip: Always look to providing something of value to your potential leads. Be it tips or visual content in exchange for their information, time, and attention.

2. Generate leads through Google Ads –


How google ads can be used for lead generation marketing.

We can run targeted ads around important keywords on Google that capture a potential lead’s attention while searching for your business keywords online. The user is then directed to your website or a landing page where we employ additional tactics to capture the lead. And best of it, you only pay when the user clicks on the ad! We have helped tons of business owners kick off their lead generation marketing campaigns on Google. And every time we help them boost sales through Google, we ring the victory bell!

3. Using direct emails to capture new potential leads – Recently we helped a home maintenance company to send direct emails to homeowners in the neighborhood. The communication piece not only announced the new local service but also gave them a 15% promo code to use. This was a play directly from our lead generation marketing playbook and helped the business close more than two dozen local leads. Talk about return on investment!

4. Use email lists to capture new leads –

In our previous blog posts, we have time and time again stressed the importance of having an email marketing campaign in your overall marketing plan. Email can be a great way to capture new leads and customers.


During the launch of one of our client’s hiking equipment products, we helped them design and execute an email marketing campaign targeting existing customers and email lists from a local hiking club. The email talked about our new innovative equipment, launch details and order information. The email response rate and sign ups not only gave our client potential leads who may be interested in their products, but also helped us dissect business data like market trends and customer preferences.

5. Don’t miss out on those social media leads –

Lead generation marketing doesn’t always have to be hard. Even simple yet effective tactics can lead to the capture of exciting lead prospects for your business. One such platform is social media.

People spend between five and six hours a day on social media, in some way or another. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used not only to keep in touch with family and friends but also to share opinions about brands, whether negative or positive.

This has given tons of opportunities to business owners to listen to their current customers online and engage with potential customers. They can engage in lead generation marketing in groups, similar pages, or even direct messages.

One such popular way to capture potential lead information is through social media contests. We have worked with business owners to create social content contests in exchange for some sort of a giveaway. Users are often required to upload pictures, refer their friends, or just answer a few basic questions to be entered into the contest giveaway. Creating a fun way to engage users on social platforms is an effective way for business owners to capture potential leads.