Email Marketing

There are a lot of online platforms nowadays that digital marketers have used to entice small business owners to promote their business. One of these strategies is email marketing. If you still haven’t heard about this trend, then you have come to the right place. In this article, it will tackle the basics of email marketing and how it helps business owners thrive in the online world. 

email marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is creating a communication line with your audience. It is also a means of building a rapport with other people through the use of email. A lot of digital marketers use email marketing to send important information to clients and potential customers. 

For example, if you are interested in a makeup product or service, you can join their email list. And through that email list, they will send relevant information and updates about their product. This process is also called as email marketing communication. 

If you are a business owner, you can create an email list with your target audience. They will then benefit from you through regular updates on their email address about your product or service. You will benefit a lot from this kind of marketing strategy because it serves as your advertisement on your product or service. 

In 2018, research was conducted and it was found out that email marketing is still the number one most effective marketing channel as compared to social media and SEO. The analysis behind the data was that people use more their email address than any other methods available online. 

In fact, in 2017, 85 percent of adult internet users have an email address. This only means that search engines and social media is outranked by email by up to 22 percent. An email was used by a lot of people even before the existence of the world wide web. This makes it the first online marketing channel and continues to be on top when it comes to return on investment. 

Significance of Email Marketing

The popularity of social media nowadays continues to emerge. However, email continues to be undisputed when it comes to efficiency in increasing leads. To fully understand the significance of email marketing, here are some of the reasons why you should give it a priority. 

Email is still indisputably the number 1 communication marketing channel. 

Not a lot of people are knowledgeable about the importance of email. There was a study conducted that said 99 percent of consumers check and update their emails every day. Although social media is emerging in the online world today, when it comes to converting people into customers or members, email marketing campaigns are still more effective. But you can still use social media as a medium to interact with clients and customers. But to convert those people, you need email marketing. Customer acquisition using email marketing has rapidly escalated for the last four years. 

You have your personal list.

When you use social media as your platform to promote your business and engage in potential customers, chances are your account might be deleted any time. But if you use email, you have the freedom to engage without limit and it is even more personal. 

What is unique about email marketing is that you divide your audience into lists. You then start sending emails to them based on their preference. This allows you to customize your emails to your clients on certain topics. 

For example, you have a skin care product business, then try sending updates on your users about the latest trend in beauty and skin products. 

Email is the best way to create a market online.

Email makes it easier for businessmen to promote their businesses online. Almost every human being on earth has an email. Email makes it easier for people to reply, forward, sign up and whatnot. It also makes it easier for people to transact online. There was even a study that said people who purchase goods online through email spend 138 percent more than those who do not receive any offers in their email. 

If you are just new in the business and you used the email marketing service, you will likely see the results right away. Did you know that email marketing has a return on investment of 4400 percent? Yes, that is more huge than any other platforms like social media. Even sending email newsletters to people can already attract potential customers online. The key to creating a market online is to be as creative as possible so that users will read your email. 

Email is cost-efficient. 

If you are just starting your own business and would like to have saved on your marketing strategy, email marketing is the perfect choice for you. Plus, you won’t have to sweat out because it is an easy, cheap, and effective marketing mechanism. There was a research that found out that 85 percent of retailers in the US consider email marketing as one of the most cost-efficient ways of attracting customers. 

If you compare it to other conventional marketing methods such as printing and giving flyer, it can cost you a lot of money. Plus you will be hiring people to do the marketing and sales job for you. But with email marketing, you won’t have to stress yourself about it. Plus, you will be establishing a good rapport with your clients online. 

Optimizing Email Marketing

Even though there are a lot of digital marketing ideas that are emerging in the online world today, email continues to be the number one most effective marketing platform. It not only increases your leads but it also increases revenue or income generation. 

To optimize your email marketing, here are some of the strategies that you need to take note. 

Create more email promotional opportunities

This strategy is also referred to as Opt-In opportunities. This is a type of inbound marketing approach wherein digital marketers send a potential client’s to send some promotional and other contents to their email about your business. You can step up on your game by sending email newsletters where they can sign up. But make sure not to send spam on your lists as this will only decrease your online presence especially on your potential customers.

Send a GetResponse email

A GetResponse email is a kind of re-engagement email wherein a particular segment of your email list has been unavailable for quite some time. To re-engage or re-connect with others, you may send a GetReponse mail to attract leads again. 

You can either send a simple email like “I haven’t heard from you in a long time now” or “for this week, this is what you have missed”. 

This kind of messages will attract leads plus you can even track click through rates. You have to remember that it only takes one potential client to engage and make your effort worth it. 

Upgrade your preview text

You preview text on your email is very important. It serves as a small piece of copy from the context of your email. You can usually find this below the sender’s name and subject line in a user’s inbox. 

So, when your user views his email, the default preview of it will be “View this email in a web browser”. 

Your preview text will serve as a mechanism to upgrade your emails to make it more appealing to the readers. Ideally, the character length of your preview text should be between 35 to 90. One thing that you should remember is to keep it short, simple, and appealing. 

You can be creative with your preview text. You can even add a little bit of humor into it. You can also include important keywords on it but make sure it’s not that long. 

You can even use images on your emails. However, you have to be careful when you insert images on it. Although images can optimize your conversions and will make your email even more appealing, a lot of email applications avert images. As a result, your users or readers will not be able to see the content of your email. 

So, the tip in using images on your email is, do not just put it solely on your message. Try to include a short text in case the image is blocked, there will be a text that your users can read. Also, as much as possible, avoid images that have high resolution. This will only increase the load time especially if that user is only using his mobile phone or perhaps the internet connection is unstable. 

Do not send too many emails. 

The tendency if you send too many emails is that people will get bored and annoyed at your emails. People will just ignore or worse block your emails and put it straight to spam folder. The key to sending effective emails is adjusting your visibility. However, not sending emails will only make your users lose interest in your products or services. You must able to know when to strike the balance between updating and being annoying. Make sure that you only send emails that are relevant and frequently. 

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Segmenting Your List: Why it is important

Segmenting is the process of dividing your email contact lists so that you will be more effective in your online presence. You can segment your lists according to its categories like demographics, company size, geographic region and more. 

Segmenting helps a lot in your email marketing. It has been proven to be an effective way of increasing your email open rates by users. 

It can even boot your click-through rates and as well as email subscribers. Segmenting is an efficient way of knowing what the subject lines are. 

If you still haven’t tried segmenting your contact lists into a more specific group, it is never too late. The first thing that you need to do is to segment, for example, the group of contacts that have purchased your products for the last three months. Then you can segment those buyers and send them emails for any feedback regarding your product and what needs to be improved. 

Also, do not forget to segment those users that have ignored your emails since time immemorial. You can send a special email on them that will entice them to check out your products.